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What if a group of infantry soldiers on the verge of invading Cambodia refused to fight?

Three young Americans, one black and two white, who are drafted into the U.S. Army, undergo the rigors of military training and are eventually assigned to a combat unit in Vietnam – the hard-luck Third of the Eighth, Fourth Division.

In this gritty saga courageous young men strive together towards a peace that had eluded America. They pursue their goal with determination, some good luck, and a healthy dose of humor.

1970 was a time of great demoralization for the U.S. Army in Vietnam.   This Army veteran, Brian King, based his novel on stories of fellow soldiers who served in Vietnam. Much of this powerful book is based on their personal experiences, as well as actual events.

Join them as they set off on an odyssey that could lead to the end of the Vietnam War!

 “A solid James Jones (author of From Here to Eternity) military read with an astonishing (and exhilarating) turn.” – Terry Bisson, award winning science fiction author of Bears Discover Fire, Macs and his latest book, Any Day Now, about the USA during the Vietnam War.

 “Written by my friend who I met in the GI resistance movement, this portrayal of GIs in Vietnam rang true to me.  A well-crafted story of soldiers who refuse to take part in the Cambodian invasion (such refusals did happen), and plausibly builds to a widespread revolt and exodus where soldiers leave combat and attempt to make their way home.”  –Steve Morse, assigned to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, was sent into combat in mid-June 1970, for the final days of the American invasion of Cambodia.